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Maguana beach offers to the a placid and quiet stay among the abundance of tropical trees and plants, the everlasting sound and fragrance of the sea conjugated with soft sea breezes.
It is locate 20 km outside Baracoa City travelling by the road to Moa, it is in an isolate, quiet and pacific cove totally private. Maguana beach offers you about 2 kilometers of white sand beaches about 15 and 20 wide, the most important is Playa Maguna with a coral reef about 180 m from the coast.
Maguana beach raises itself in the reservation of the biosphere Cuchillas del Toa, endemical paradise of natural beauty and bio – diversity of flora and fauna, declared in 1987 Patrimony of the Humanity.
Maguana in Baracoa is a perfect choice in orders to enjoy the pleasures of nature, climb mountains, watch birds, enjoy the landscape, share with the countrymen of the zone, go on trips, do outdoor sports and leave behind the usual preoccupations.